Sales Management Tip - Don't Reward Salesmen with High Sales Numbers Who Lack Integrity

Have you anytime heard that quote; "a association gets added of what it rewards." Generally that adduce is acclimated in accusatory a government affairs which rewards those who don't perform, and accordingly we get beneath performance. Lately we've heard that in our schools, as we are so accurate to prop-up the self-esteem of the students, that we accord a affidavit to anybody for alone assuming up, behindhand of their performance.

Therefore, we get lots of kids assuming up, and no one trying. Why should they we apprehend any altered if we are advantageous them not to try, accordingly we get added bodies who feel abstracted about the accomplished thing. This is accepted sense, and it should be accepted amidst humans. If we accolade the innovators, entrepreneurs, and the a lot of advantageous of our society, we will accept GDP growth. If we accolade bodies who don't work, bluff the system, or bamboozle their way into a chargeless government handout, again we will get added cheaters, finaglers, and association ambitious chargeless being from the government.

Now then, the aforementioned affair goes for corporations. If a Corporation's sales administration rewards salespeople of beneath than top ethical standards, it will allure association of the everyman levels of integrity. If you run a sales department, and you are in allegation of sales management, you should never accolade salespeople with the better amount of sales, who accept fabricated those sales by cheating. And if you do, added salespeople who do accept integrity, and are accomplishing things right, will see that they will be adored if they bluff also. Thus they will.

Eventually you will accept an absolute sales force of anybody active about breaking all your aggregation rules, able barter things you cannot deliver, and attempting to bluff their way into a college agency sales checks. That's alone accepted sense, and it absolutely does get appropriate aback to that quote; "a association gets added of what it rewards, and beneath of what it doesn't." Now then, we could calmly about-face one chat in that quote, yield the chat "society" out, and put in the chat "Corporation" or even "sales department" and the admonishing still holds accurate doesn't it?

At some point your aggregation has to adjudge what it stands for, but if it doesn't, and you anticipate you can yield shortcuts to access sales and revenue, you will pay for it after as your barter drift to your competition. Indeed I achievement you will amuse accede all this and anticipate on it. If you accept case studies to allotment with me, amuse shoot me an e-mail.